Mt Shasta | Lessons Learned | A Few Steps Shy

I skydive out of airplanes with a parachute and free fall for ~45 seconds at a lower altitude than the top of this mountain. It was the first mountain 14er I’ve climbed and snowboarded down. This would be her first 14er as well. We decided it was time to take our bus. This isn’t something I wanted her to do and convinced her to do it, she knows my passion for the mountains and had her own reasons and desires to attempt something out of her regular hobbies. She asked my brother (who’s a mountain guide) and I if we could take her up so we coordinated everything to work together nearly 6 months ago and we gave it a 100% preparation and effort. She created a goal, trained, prepared, and learned possibly the most difficult lesson of all along the way. She’s 110lbs has no mountaineering experience, doesn’t backpack regularly and I wouldn’t say she enjoys the snow very much. Me on the other hand. The 180* opposite. I love it all, I moved to the mountains 5 years ago to follow that dream. She didn’t complain to me once, she was fired up the entire time and she carried everything she needed on her back, she had trained for a solid year and really pushed herself physically the past 6 months. We ran through every environment and situation a mountaineer could in a single trip. We started out a day delayed due to bad weather, cutting our trip down from 3 days to 2 days. When we hit the trail it was nearly a 70* summer day at 6,950 feet. Geared up with ~35lbs of gear, food, water and a flask of whiskey we started our trek up our first volcano together. I never really wanted to have a mountaineering partner that was also my girlfriend. The idea of her slipping off the edge of a cliff... View More »