Blue Bus Adventures To The City of Atlantis

Nick told me a while back that he had picked up a project bus—had anyone else told me this I’d have to see it to believe it, but this was Nick and a project like this was right up his alley. I was stoked he was taking this on.“AK. Spring 2016, you in?” He asked me in a conversation. I honestly didn’t know where I’d be in spring of next year, but I was down. When someone asks you if you want to co-pilot an adventure-mobile to the Great Land, you pretty much do whatever you have to in order to make it happen. “Uh, yeah.” Alaska is still a year out though, and to be able to drive a bus on the Al-Can, several test runs are required. Test run No. 1, Nick decided was up north to Mt. Shasta. The land of a single massive volcano, hippies, a whole lot of weirdness, and the occasional Sasquatch sighting. The Blue Bus had many quirks, however my favorite was the uncontrollable honking during left hand turns. We all agreed that this was our karma for idly watching as some moronic woman at the first gas stop slowly yanked the pump off of the terminal. We couldn’t manage a sound between the 4 of us, we were in such disbelief that we were going to get to see it go down. The drawers had a mind of their own, so Travis and I had to hop up and close them, uphills were a waiting game and the honking got progressively worse. This bus was turning out to be a real head turner, especially on the highway. Despite the honking and 30 miles per hour we were putting down on the highway uphills, Travis and I sat in the back on folding beach chairs up on bed platform, sunglasses on and our hair raging with the wind—I can’t think of a... View More »

A Year Through the Lens – 2014

I wanted to combine my favorite photos that I captured of the year into one single place. I like to take a step back at the end of every December and scroll through the past 12 months of photography that I’ve had the pleasure of capturing and reflect on my work. I learn a lot about things I learned and challenges I’ve overcome. Here are my personal favorite photos of 2014 in no particular order. “Walking on a dream” Walking on a dream is a photo that combines different interests for me. My love for photography, my love for adventure and the difficulties that I run into with both of these. This photo was taken on Mt Shasta this past spring. My brother Jonathan was in the training stages to becoming a mountain guide for Shasta Mountain Guides. He’s in the front in yellow and our climbing partner Tracy is behind him. This was our third time together attempting a summit bid on Shasta. I didn’t know it at the time but I would be lugging 10lbs of camera gear for this single photo. When we were leaving the trail-head at 11pm I chose to bring my camera thinking I would document the trip like I had in the past. This round was a bit different though. We were doing the entire hike in a day, rather than two days. So we were pushing our limits in terms of physical strength and focus. I was at least. This image took a few tries. I lit the subjects up with my headlamp and used my backpack like a tripod. It was so windy and cold that I only had a few tries to get this right. Our body temperatures were dropping, my hands were getting cold and all of our sweat was beginning to freeze before we knew it. I set the camera up for a 2 second delay, 25... View More »

ABGT100 At Madison Sq Garden, New York.

My “real” job is the Media Director for Force 12 Last month I was in New York City shooting another web series: Inside The Team Room for our viewers. I had the opportunity to stroll around the city on my off time and wanted to capture a specific photo I had in my head. This photo was of Manhattan from the Brooklyn side, but NOT under or around the Brooklyn Bridge like I had shot last year. My friend Charlie and I made our way over one night for sunset found ourselves on the Manhattan Bridge just as the sun was setting with beers in hand. This was a success in my book regardless of the outcome of the photos. I also connected with a friend of mine who’s a producer at Sirius XM Radio and requested a little tour around the studio. Two of my friends were in town for Above and Beyond’s ABGT100. Naturally we were really excited to be standing in the same studio that so many talented artists have also stood and performed in. We unfortunately missed Above and Beyond’s live broadcast by just a few hours… Luckily their performance was filled with memories at Madison Sq Garden. Here are some photos from the... View More »

Yosemite National Park

As a child my parents would take me to Yosemite every summer for 2-3 weeks at a time. I’ve always wanted to see this wonderful place in winter season. After graduating college I made the decision to make the drive down into the valley on December 19th 2013, nearly two decades after my first visit.In honor of the photographer Ansel Adams and his advanced work in Yosemite, I chose to make my set of photos entirely in black and white.... View More »

New York – USAA

I flew out to New York for a few days to shoot a series on Veterans for USAA. During the time in-between different shooting locations I was able to visit with my younger sister who lives in the area. She played tour guide and took me to as many of the beautiful places she could in the short amount of time.           In addition to the photos I snapped on this trip. I made a few videos for and USAA as well as a time-lapse I shot on my free time.                  ... View More »

Fall colors, Marlette Lake Aspen Grove

After returning from my trip around the world I still have the itch to travel. Luckily Lake Tahoe is in full swing with the seasons changing. The fall is a perfect time for mountain biking, hiking sunsets and of course the beautiful aspen trees changing. I was lucky enough to hike up to Marlette Lake right in the middle of it all happening. Here are a few photos from an unnamed (or at least unknown to me) aspen grove and a few more from Marlette Lake. The 9 mile round trip hike was worth every second. If you ever have the chance, I highly recommend it. This photo below is part of a series I’ll be calling “Looking Up” which will host a variety of nature based photos from a viewpoint we all share while almost never seeing. Our own two feet looking straight up. Aspens on the hill: As you crest over the last incline on the hike from Spooner Lake up, you are blessed with views of Marlette that you didn’t know existed. The aspen grove is one of the largest I’ve seen in the Tahoe area, and lucky for me – I caught it perfect timing... View More »

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