I Earned The Cover of National Geographic!

My  milkyway photo “Dark Needle” is now published on the cover for National Geographic for their special issue titled “Guide To The Night Sky” Like most of my images, it can be a dye infused aluminum print hanging on your wall. It can be purchased and shipped to your home here. If you’re looking to flip through the magazine that can be purchased directly through  National Geographic. A big thank you to everyone who’s been supporting me early on. You can follow me more closely on my Instagram @NicholasCahill Do what you love and the rest will follow.... View More »

A Year Through the Lens – 2014

I wanted to combine my favorite photos that I captured of the year into one single place. I like to take a step back at the end of every December and scroll through the past 12 months of photography that I’ve had the pleasure of capturing and reflect on my work. I learn a lot about things I learned and challenges I’ve overcome. Here are my personal favorite photos of 2014 in no particular order. “Walking on a dream” Walking on a dream is a photo that combines different interests for me. My love for photography, my love for adventure and the difficulties that I run into with both of these. This photo was taken on Mt Shasta this past spring. My brother Jonathan was in the training stages to becoming a mountain guide for Shasta Mountain Guides. He’s in the front in yellow and our climbing partner Tracy is behind him. This was our third time together attempting a summit bid on Shasta. I didn’t know it at the time but I would be lugging 10lbs of camera gear for this single photo. When we were leaving the trail-head at 11pm I chose to bring my camera thinking I would document the trip like I had in the past. This round was a bit different though. We were doing the entire hike in a day, rather than two days. So we were pushing our limits in terms of physical strength and focus. I was at least. This image took a few tries. I lit the subjects up with my headlamp and used my backpack like a tripod. It was so windy and cold that I only had a few tries to get this right. Our body temperatures were dropping, my hands were getting cold and all of our sweat was beginning to freeze before we knew it. I set the camera up for a 2 second delay, 25... View More »

Squaw Valley presents deal of a lifetime then pulls out prematurely…

This morning I woke up to quite the surprise, I hopped onto Squaw Valley’s website to purchase my winter pass and stumbled across the deal of a lifetime! Each of Squaw’s passes had been marked down to $1 for a limited time. Without even thinking, I purchased a ticket and told a couple friends to hop on the deal as well. We all successfully ordered passes with our credit card info and registered our accounts. We received confirmation emails, and jumped in my car with smiles on our faces, to rush down to Squaw (1-hour drive) to pick up our passes. When we arrived we walked by someone who had just picked up their physical pass with the same deal as well. I went to the window to pick up my pass and was asked, “Did you pay one dollar for this?” I then responded, “Yes,” the season pass worker’s response was, “sorry that’s not going to fly.” We mentioned that we had already rightfully paid, and had confirmation emails – then we were rudely told, “You’re not going to get anywhere with that!” Even if this was an error on their side, I feel it would be a better move on their part to own up to their mistake and honor the price of the passes. Are they going to honor all of our purchases? I mean shit, I’ll be spending at least $40 a day there just on beer at KT’s Base Bar and Highcamp. I would easily convince my friends and family to join me and I’m certain I’ll spend more than the $809 it would cost me for a pass on various other things over the course of a season. Your move Squaw… Here’s the screen shot of the company site season pass purchase prices, and my confirmation email of my season pass: If anyone wants me to post their screenshots in here, don’t hesitate... View More »

Rotation of Activities

Lake Tahoe is known for tons of things. The lake, the beaches, the snow, the mountain biking, hiking all the tourist attractions…the list goes on forever. One thing that doesn’t change is the type of “locals” that Tahoe or any mountain town for that matter. High active and high risk adrenaline junkies are the norm. If you came from any non mountain town you were likely the “cool guy” because you did all the active lifestyle things that brought you to Tahoe. Here, your just normal, if not low on this scale. I’m guilty. Here’s a guy I met a few years ago who some might consider normal. Little do many know, this guy rips on anything he stands on. He grew up surfing in Hawaii and relocated to Lake Tahoe for obvious reasons. Now he spends half the year surfing in Central America and the other half he spends snowboarding in Tahoe. This is the type of people you run into in places like this. They rotate their life and rotate their activities to keep them happy. Here you’ll see someone pull a $5,600 bike out of their $1,200 Subaru that needs a new headgasket…or a $15,000 snowmobile out of their $3,000 two wheel drive truck. Activities are the number one priority in Lake Tahoe. Dream life? I think so, perhaps I’ll join soon… Here’s a Tahoe Local, Conner Wagner rotating his activities with his location and catching a few waves on a windy day in Lake Tahoe. The smoke in the background is from the King fire. San Francisco, aerial photography San Francisco San Francisco The new bay bridge San Francisco Giants stadium San Francisco aerial photography Metal Print with Black Shadow Frame Metal Print with Frame Metal Print with Hanger Metal Print Only Metal Print... View More »