Jumping Into Burning Man – A Skydivers Perspective

Going into Burning Man for my second time I really wanted to experience it in a new way. I had built a Tiny Home out of a 1988 Thomas Built school bus and would be living out of that with my girlfriend for the week as well as expanding our camp from 7 people to about 17 people. A friend of mine has been skydiving and wing-suiting for a few years and was going to be on the playa doing a bit of that. I made specific plans to meet him. We had a very strict 30 minute window of opportunity or else we would likely fail at ever finding each other in the 70,000 person, one-week city. The stars aligned and we made plans to connect, and we did. I  made my way over to camp Burning Sky to check out where brotherhood and sisterhood of skydiving camped a few days later. I was in observation mode trying to be a fly on the wall or a sponge on a sink, listening and absorbing as much information as I could. Everyone in the camp was fulfilling a dream I’ve been having for a few years. Flying. While watching my friend Tom pack his chute, I asked him a ton of different questions that later prompted me to write this blog post. I figured I’m not the only one who’s interested in this sport. I shot him a list of 10 questions I thought were relevant and he happily answered them. 1) What makes Burning Man a big attraction for Skydivers? Skydiving is very much about the people you share jumps with and the environment that you jump in. SkyDiving at Burning Man has such an allure because of how visually stimulating the ring can be. This compiled with the excitement of landing next to humans that have little to no idea of skydiving or the efforts it takes... View More »