Mt Shasta | Lessons Learned | A Few Steps Shy

I skydive out of airplanes with a parachute and free fall for ~45 seconds at a lower altitude than the top of this mountain. It was the first mountain 14er I’ve climbed and snowboarded down. This would be her first 14er as well. We decided it was time to take our bus. This isn’t something I wanted her to do and convinced her to do it, she knows my passion for the mountains and had her own reasons and desires to attempt something out of her regular hobbies. She asked my brother (who’s a mountain guide) and I if we could take her up so we coordinated everything to work together nearly 6 months ago and we gave it a 100% preparation and effort. She created a goal, trained, prepared, and learned possibly the most difficult lesson of all along the way. She’s 110lbs has no mountaineering experience, doesn’t backpack regularly and I wouldn’t say she enjoys the snow very much. Me on the other hand. The 180* opposite. I love it all, I moved to the mountains 5 years ago to follow that dream. She didn’t complain to me once, she was fired up the entire time and she carried everything she needed on her back, she had trained for a solid year and really pushed herself physically the past 6 months. We ran through every environment and situation a mountaineer could in a single trip. We started out a day delayed due to bad weather, cutting our trip down from 3 days to 2 days. When we hit the trail it was nearly a 70* summer day at 6,950 feet. Geared up with ~35lbs of gear, food, water and a flask of whiskey we started our trek up our first volcano together. I never really wanted to have a mountaineering partner that was also my girlfriend. The idea of her slipping off the edge of a cliff... View More »

EDC LV | 2016 | Seven Lions | Main Stage

I met Emma and Jeff Montalvo at Burning Man 2015 and we immediately hit it off. Initially I didn’t know Jeff was a music producer that I had been listening too for a few years that goes by the name Seven Lions. We later reconnected and I shot some photos and a video for him at a Halloween concert he was headlining. A few months went by and Emma reached out to me and asked if I’d like to shoot for them at EDC. Which is arguably the biggest EDM festival in the states and Jeff was playing on the main stage. I flexed a few strings and we made it all come together. Here are a few images and the video that I created for my friends Jeff and Emma, Seven Lions. Seven Lions EDC Las Vegas Recap video. f from Nick Cahill on Vimeo.... View More »

TomorrowWorld – Seven Lions

I met Jeff Montalvo AKA Seven Lions at Burning Man this past year. Him and his wife were camping behind my girlfriend and our Blue Bus. Naturally we became friends and I was able to reconnect with Jeff and his wife in Georgia for TomorrowWorld Music Festival. Here are a few shots I captured for team Seven Lions. I cant wait to shoot for Jeff again at BOO! In San Francisco this Halloween.  ... View More »

We bought a bus to convert into a Tiny Home on wheels

Together my girlfriend and I purchased a bus to convert into a tiny home. We’re about 60% done with the conversion now and thought it would be a good idea to post our content on my blog for others to find and use as their own reference. This can be looked at similar to a build thread for a racecar. All rules still apply, other than the going fast part 😉 A bit of history on our bus. We found our 1988 Thomas Built “Mighty Mite” originally a 33 passenger bus on Craigslist. The image below was minutes after the pink slip was signed and the $1,000 cash was exchanged.   Jessica Perez and Nicholas Cahill purchased a bus. We will slowly transform this mini bus into something very special. Stay tuned for a highly documented transformation over the next few months. This is the official beginning of our #tinyhome adventure. Follow us on our lifelong memories. A photo posted by @bluebusadventure on Apr 1, 2015 at 12:54pm PDT   This was a quick little interior shot from the first test drive. The bus started right up, we took her up to 75mph and it didn’t have any weird shaking or noises so we went ahead and purchased the bus and drove it 3 hours home to Lake Tahoe. Jessica is the better one at designing and planning where parts of the bus should go, and after a few revisions we decided on this as a basic layout. We gutted the entire interior, insulated the floors, insulated the walls and laid down some plywood floorboards. The floorboards would end up staying until we eventually go to full on bamboo floors. After we took care of the insulation process the next thing up was construction for our bed. The bed is going to have a removable center portion in the middle so it triples as a bed, walkway and a... View More »

Sea To Summit – A Different Perspective

Sea To Summit products are designed and known to keep your items dry in wet places – Adventure locations like a river, rainy trail, boating or backpacking in a tropical rainforest. I decided to give the Sea To Summit Hydraulic Dry Pack a go in a different realm of the world that one might not normally think to use a dry bag. In a dusty and very dry location. The goal was to keep my camera gear dust free during a photography tour. I took the bag out to Antelope Canyon in AZ. If you’ve never been, this is a very sandy and dry location with lots of tourists. My first impressions when putting the pack on were very good. To give you a big of background on myself – I’m a ‘backpackaholic.’ I have a pack for every activity. Rather than unpacking and repacking, I just pickup whichever pack aligns with whatever activity and I’m ready to go in a matter of seconds vs minutes. Adjustability, ease of use, and comfort are all the most important factors for me. Other than a North Face Basecamp Duffle, this was my first enjoyable experience wearing a pack without any frame, support, or padding directly against my back. The fully adjustable shoulder straps are easy to use and built comfortably. As an added bonus, in the hot weather, the EVA foam air mesh designed to dry river water dried my sweat off equality as fast. Thewaste belt adjusts perfectly and every 7075 aluminum buckle on this pack is wonderfully overbuilt, easy to adjust, strong and most importantly, not going to break in the middle of an adventure. This pack has some serious durability and kept my camera gear dust free in the middle of several dust storms. Keeping my expensive equipment dust-free allowed me to capture some of the most beautiful colors Antelope Canyon has to offer. Overall, this pack is perfectly suited for use on the... View More »

Snowglobe Music Festival | 2014 | New Year’s Eve Party

This New Years Eve I got asked to shoot Snowglobe Music Festival right here in Lake Tahoe. This was the 3rd year in a row and I was more prepared than ever this year. I shot Skrillex, Zedd, Emancipator, Disclosure, Cherub, Bro Safari, Porter Robinson, ODESZA and finished the wonderful festival off with Flume. Here are a few of my favorite artist photos from the event. You’ll be seeing these released with The Tahoe Weekly and directly from SnowGlobe over the next few days. Feel free to hit that little share button at the bottom or leave a comment if you like what you... View More »

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