Sea To Summit – A Different Perspective

Sea To Summit products are designed and known to keep your items dry in wet places – Adventure locations like a river, rainy trail, boating or backpacking in a tropical rainforest. I decided to give the Sea To Summit Hydraulic Dry Pack a go in a different realm of the world that one might not normally think to use a dry bag. In a dusty and very dry location. The goal was to keep my camera gear dust free during a photography tour. I took the bag out to Antelope Canyon in AZ. If you’ve never been, this is a very sandy and dry location with lots of tourists. My first impressions when putting the pack on were very good. To give you a big of background on myself – I’m a ‘backpackaholic.’ I have a pack for every activity. Rather than unpacking and repacking, I just pickup whichever pack aligns with whatever activity and I’m ready to go in a matter of seconds vs minutes. Adjustability, ease of use, and comfort are all the most important factors for me. Other than a North Face Basecamp Duffle, this was my first enjoyable experience wearing a pack without any frame, support, or padding directly against my back. The fully adjustable shoulder straps are easy to use and built comfortably. As an added bonus, in the hot weather, the EVA foam air mesh designed to dry river water dried my sweat off equality as fast. Thewaste belt adjusts perfectly and every 7075 aluminum buckle on this pack is wonderfully overbuilt, easy to adjust, strong and most importantly, not going to break in the middle of an adventure. This pack has some serious durability and kept my camera gear dust free in the middle of several dust storms. Keeping my expensive equipment dust-free allowed me to capture some of the most beautiful colors Antelope Canyon has to offer. Overall, this pack is perfectly suited for use on the... View More »

My Photos In Your Room

Do you wonder what a room looks like with my aluminum prints in them? Well here’s your chance to take a look at a few different setups. All of my photos are extraordinarily vibrant and the depth of the coating gives them a luminous quality that no paper or canvas print can achieve. My prints are not only scratch-resistant, they are also waterproof. This makes them ideal for hanging in bathrooms, kitchens and other areas where paper prints would be susceptible to water damage. As you can see, there is a perfect fit for any location. My dye infused aluminum photography can be purchased in my shop or click any of the photos and you will be taken directly to that photo in my... View More »

First Milkyway 2014

The Milkyway Galaxy isn’t viewable to the human eyes from everywhere, nor is it viewable all the time in the locations it can be seen. Typically people in the Lake Tahoe area can see the milky way band in the summer. Though if you’re up to the challenge you can see it in early March right before the sun rises. A friend of mine Justin Majeczky ( asked if I wanted to tag along to go take photos of this beautiful view we are lucky enough to have. Here are the first three photos I captured of the milky way this season. Prints can always be purchased in my shop.... View More »

San Francisco’s Birds Eye View

After the Mavericks Big Wave Surf Contest  I decided to stick around the the San Francisco area a few days to do some surfing of my own while waiting for the right flying weather. The day had finally come. The weather was predicted to have a bit of fog rolling in right as the sun was setting. This was all the right ingredients for some fantastic photos from above San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge. I rallied up a few friends and managed to connect the right dots with Verticle CFI, a San Francisco based helicopter tour company that is now well known for private photography tours. A quick phone call later and we had lift with the doors off. Hanging out of a helicopter isn’t exactly new to me. I’ve done it a few different times both for work as well as personal. However hanging out of a helicopter above the Golden Gate Bridge is never something I imaged I would be doing. Let alone capturing some of the most beautiful photos. Here are a few of my favorite photos from the flight and around the city, enjoy.   San Francisco, aerial photography San Francisco San Francisco The new bay bridge San Francisco Giants stadium San Francisco aerial photography Metal Print with Black Shadow Frame Metal Print with Frame Metal Print with Hanger Metal Print Only Metal Print... View More »

Scripps Pier, San Diego

I had the opportunity to visit the Oakley headquarters for a client of mine. I was able to find a few hours of free time after the shoot to enjoy the sunset and grab a few tacos. I reached out to a few photographer friends in the area and asked for some recomendations on places to watch the sunset. I was recommended to head over to La Jolla and to take a peak at the “Scripps Pier.” Its a beautiful pier and I was pleasantly surprised at how easily photogenic it looked.       What I quickly discovered was that I must have landed my feet on the sand on the right day. As the sun began to set more and more photographers started coming to this pier from every direction, it was unreal. I realized that I also don’t like taking photos when people are right next to me taking the exact same shot. I quickly snapped a few as the clock turned right then backed away and hiked up a hill to watch the remainder of the sunset. I need to remind myself when shooting such beautiful things that I need to take a few minutes away from my camera and enjoy the moment through my own eyes. A big thank you to the 25 different photographers that helped remind me to enjoy the moment and take a step back.    ... View More »

Yosemite National Park

As a child my parents would take me to Yosemite every summer for 2-3 weeks at a time. I’ve always wanted to see this wonderful place in winter season. After graduating college I made the decision to make the drive down into the valley on December 19th 2013, nearly two decades after my first visit.In honor of the photographer Ansel Adams and his advanced work in Yosemite, I chose to make my set of photos entirely in black and white.... View More »

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