TomorrowWorld – Seven Lions

I met Jeff Montalvo AKA Seven Lions at Burning Man this past year. Him and his wife were camping behind my girlfriend and our Blue Bus. Naturally we became friends and I was able to reconnect with Jeff and his wife in Georgia for TomorrowWorld Music Festival. Here are a few shots I captured for team Seven Lions. I cant wait to shoot for Jeff again at BOO! In San Francisco this Halloween.  ... View More »

Jumping Into Burning Man – A Skydivers Perspective

Going into Burning Man for my second time I really wanted to experience it in a new way. I had built a Tiny Home out of a 1988 Thomas Built school bus and would be living out of that with my girlfriend for the week as well as expanding our camp from 7 people to about 17 people. A friend of mine has been skydiving and wing-suiting for a few years and was going to be on the playa doing a bit of that. I made specific plans to meet him. We had a very strict 30 minute window of opportunity or else we would likely fail at ever finding each other in the 70,000 person, one-week city. The stars aligned and we made plans to connect, and we did. I  made my way over to camp Burning Sky to check out where brotherhood and sisterhood of skydiving camped a few days later. I was in observation mode trying to be a fly on the wall or a sponge on a sink, listening and absorbing as much information as I could. Everyone in the camp was fulfilling a dream I’ve been having for a few years. Flying. While watching my friend Tom pack his chute, I asked him a ton of different questions that later prompted me to write this blog post. I figured I’m not the only one who’s interested in this sport. I shot him a list of 10 questions I thought were relevant and he happily answered them. 1) What makes Burning Man a big attraction for Skydivers? Skydiving is very much about the people you share jumps with and the environment that you jump in. SkyDiving at Burning Man has such an allure because of how visually stimulating the ring can be. This compiled with the excitement of landing next to humans that have little to no idea of skydiving or the efforts it takes... View More »

Snowglobe Music Festival | 2014 | New Year’s Eve Party

This New Years Eve I got asked to shoot Snowglobe Music Festival right here in Lake Tahoe. This was the 3rd year in a row and I was more prepared than ever this year. I shot Skrillex, Zedd, Emancipator, Disclosure, Cherub, Bro Safari, Porter Robinson, ODESZA and finished the wonderful festival off with Flume. Here are a few of my favorite artist photos from the event. You’ll be seeing these released with The Tahoe Weekly and directly from SnowGlobe over the next few days. Feel free to hit that little share button at the bottom or leave a comment if you like what you... View More »

Insomniac’s Beyond Wonderland, Bay Area

This was my first time shooting an Insomniac event. I’ve been regularly attending their festivals and managed to get my media credentials for this, special thanks to Dan Dunn. Being backstage and in the pits at an event this large is an entirely different experience. My girlfriend and I had the pleasure of meeting our favorite SiriusXM’s hosts, a few different artists, and reconnected with several Insomniac employees we met at Burning Man. Here are a few from the weekend. San Francisco, aerial photography San Francisco San Francisco The new bay bridge San Francisco Giants stadium San Francisco aerial photography Metal Print with Black Shadow Frame Metal Print with Frame Metal Print with Hanger Metal Print Only Metal Print... View More »

Burning Man is like nothing I’ve ever experienced

Burning Man is like nothing I’ve ever experienced. I’ve attend EDC, an annual 110k person party in Las Vegas. I’ve traveled to Belgium to rage at Tomorrowland, a 15 stage global music festival. I’ve partied in the wild streets of Bangkok, Thailand. I’ve shuffled at club Amnesia in Ibiza, Spain…. … yet still, none of these events compare to Burning Man. Burning Man is everything you want it to be and more. You create the experience. You choose which activity to join, or which art piece to interact with, or whom to mingle with. The book of activities are vast and creative to say the least, ranging from morning yoga lessons to afternoon tantric sex methodology sessions. The playa is decorated with interactive art installations – there is more art there than you can fathom! There are streets lined with endless bars less than 100 feet from each other. Your cup can always be filled, your stomach always full! No one goes thirsty nor hungry in this place. Burning Man operates on a gifting economy, which is often confused with a “bartering” system. A gift doesn’t need to be elaborate or expensive, a genuine hug can be exchanged as means of gifting gratitude. I carried a Polaroid camera and gifted instant photos to whomever I crossed paths with. Friends gifted: wine, brownies, gemstones, lavender scented potpourri bags, candy, and more. The only items that require money in this community are ice and coffee, everything else is essentially gifted and free of charge. Burning Man is 100% judgment free, The best part about Burning Man is that it’s filled with 70k like-minded people who all journey into the middle of the desert to create a city that is unlike any other. They travel from all over the world to end up in Black Rock City, Nevada and endure the harshest weather conditions the desert provides. This art “festival” isn’t something you attend to simply observe as a viewer. Everyone is encouraged to participate through their self expression, but nothing is required of course. Participation includes: wearing funky... View More »


I’ve had the pleasure of working with PREntertainment for a few different music related gigs. I’ve always had a great time working with the staff, entertainers and of course enjoying my time “working.” This event was no different… well it was slightly different. The venue was new, and it was a full on festival rather than a single headliner that everyone went to see. I worked with two familiar big names: Candyland and Kill Paris while adding a few new big names to my list while connecting dots with many local DJs that I’ve been meaning to meet. The overall experience was wonderful. Basscamp had two stages running all day and into the night with well tuned sound systems between the two. As the final entertainer, Datsik, came on stage and began to wow the crowd my beautiful girlfriend managed to get plucked up onto stage to perform with her LED hula hoop – an experience that will last us both a lifetime of smiles. Thanks for the photo of her Dan... View More »