We bought a bus to convert into a Tiny Home on wheels

Together my girlfriend and I purchased a bus to convert into a tiny home. We’re about 60% done with the conversion now and thought it would be a good idea to post our content on my blog for others to find and use as their own reference. This can be looked at similar to a build thread for a racecar. All rules still apply, other than the going fast part 😉 A bit of history on our bus. We found our 1988 Thomas Built “Mighty Mite” originally a 33 passenger bus on Craigslist. The image below was minutes after the pink slip was signed and the $1,000 cash was exchanged.   Jessica Perez and Nicholas Cahill purchased a bus. We will slowly transform this mini bus into something very special. Stay tuned for a highly documented transformation over the next few months. This is the official beginning of our #tinyhome adventure. Follow us on our lifelong memories. A photo posted by @bluebusadventure on Apr 1, 2015 at 12:54pm PDT   This was a quick little interior shot from the first test drive. The bus started right up, we took her up to 75mph and it didn’t have any weird shaking or noises so we went ahead and purchased the bus and drove it 3 hours home to Lake Tahoe. Jessica is the better one at designing and planning where parts of the bus should go, and after a few revisions we decided on this as a basic layout. We gutted the entire interior, insulated the floors, insulated the walls and laid down some plywood floorboards. The floorboards would end up staying until we eventually go to full on bamboo floors. After we took care of the insulation process the next thing up was construction for our bed. The bed is going to have a removable center portion in the middle so it triples as a bed, walkway and a... View More »

Blue Bus Adventures To The City of Atlantis

Nick told me a while back that he had picked up a project bus—had anyone else told me this I’d have to see it to believe it, but this was Nick and a project like this was right up his alley. I was stoked he was taking this on.“AK. Spring 2016, you in?” He asked me in a conversation. I honestly didn’t know where I’d be in spring of next year, but I was down. When someone asks you if you want to co-pilot an adventure-mobile to the Great Land, you pretty much do whatever you have to in order to make it happen. “Uh, yeah.” Alaska is still a year out though, and to be able to drive a bus on the Al-Can, several test runs are required. Test run No. 1, Nick decided was up north to Mt. Shasta. The land of a single massive volcano, hippies, a whole lot of weirdness, and the occasional Sasquatch sighting. The Blue Bus had many quirks, however my favorite was the uncontrollable honking during left hand turns. We all agreed that this was our karma for idly watching as some moronic woman at the first gas stop slowly yanked the pump off of the terminal. We couldn’t manage a sound between the 4 of us, we were in such disbelief that we were going to get to see it go down. The drawers had a mind of their own, so Travis and I had to hop up and close them, uphills were a waiting game and the honking got progressively worse. This bus was turning out to be a real head turner, especially on the highway. Despite the honking and 30 miles per hour we were putting down on the highway uphills, Travis and I sat in the back on folding beach chairs up on bed platform, sunglasses on and our hair raging with the wind—I can’t think of a... View More »