My Photos In Your Room

Do you wonder what a room looks like with my aluminum prints in them? Well here’s your chance to take a look at a few different setups. All of my photos are extraordinarily vibrant and the depth of the coating gives them a luminous quality that no paper or canvas print can achieve. My prints are not only scratch-resistant, they are also waterproof. This makes them ideal for hanging in bathrooms, kitchens and other areas where paper prints would be susceptible to water damage. As you can see, there is a perfect fit for any location. My dye infused aluminum photography can be purchased in my shop or click any of the photos and you will be taken directly to that photo in my... View More »

ABGT100 At Madison Sq Garden, New York.

My “real” job is the Media Director for Force 12 Last month I was in New York City shooting another web series: Inside The Team Room for our viewers. I had the opportunity to stroll around the city on my off time and wanted to capture a specific photo I had in my head. This photo was of Manhattan from the Brooklyn side, but NOT under or around the Brooklyn Bridge like I had shot last year. My friend Charlie and I made our way over one night for sunset found ourselves on the Manhattan Bridge just as the sun was setting with beers in hand. This was a success in my book regardless of the outcome of the photos. I also connected with a friend of mine who’s a producer at Sirius XM Radio and requested a little tour around the studio. Two of my friends were in town for Above and Beyond’s ABGT100. Naturally we were really excited to be standing in the same studio that so many talented artists have also stood and performed in. We unfortunately missed Above and Beyond’s live broadcast by just a few hours… Luckily their performance was filled with memories at Madison Sq Garden. Here are some photos from the... View More »

Blood Moon – Lake Tahoe

I was asked to teach a night photography lesson and chose to do so on this years second blood moon in Lake Tahoe. I got invited to shoot with a friend, mentor and all around good guy Abe Blair. We went to a location I’ve shot at plenty of times before so I was ready to go with everything I had planned out. Bonsai Rock in Lake Tahoe was our foreground subject of choice. I really like the water and surrounding rocks that help almost any composition in this location. I chose to shoot Bonsai Rock from a more southerly facing aspect so I could get the moon traveling down from top left to bottom right. This is the direction the moon travels this time of year. I used a several methods to figure out roughly where the moon would be over time. The Apple IPhone app “Sky Walk” was recommended to me by a fellow friend and photographer Justin he has been a big inspiration and mentor to me, especially with night photography, and the app worked wonderfully for me. I really enjoyed shooting this composite image all night because it was a combination of many different aspects of photography for me. A lot of being in the right place at the right time, planning out the shot, and a decent amount of behind the computer work to get it all right. I also was able to take a step back and think about the entire process while explaining how everything works to my student. Breaking down the entire process and explaining how everything works really solidified my though process and was a great learning tool for me. I would like to do more lessons and guided tours like this in the future.... View More »

Squaw Valley presents deal of a lifetime then pulls out prematurely…

This morning I woke up to quite the surprise, I hopped onto Squaw Valley’s website to purchase my winter pass and stumbled across the deal of a lifetime! Each of Squaw’s passes had been marked down to $1 for a limited time. Without even thinking, I purchased a ticket and told a couple friends to hop on the deal as well. We all successfully ordered passes with our credit card info and registered our accounts. We received confirmation emails, and jumped in my car with smiles on our faces, to rush down to Squaw (1-hour drive) to pick up our passes. When we arrived we walked by someone who had just picked up their physical pass with the same deal as well. I went to the window to pick up my pass and was asked, “Did you pay one dollar for this?” I then responded, “Yes,” the season pass worker’s response was, “sorry that’s not going to fly.” We mentioned that we had already rightfully paid, and had confirmation emails – then we were rudely told, “You’re not going to get anywhere with that!” Even if this was an error on their side, I feel it would be a better move on their part to own up to their mistake and honor the price of the passes. Are they going to honor all of our purchases? I mean shit, I’ll be spending at least $40 a day there just on beer at KT’s Base Bar and Highcamp. I would easily convince my friends and family to join me and I’m certain I’ll spend more than the $809 it would cost me for a pass on various other things over the course of a season. Your move Squaw… Here’s the screen shot of the company site season pass purchase prices, and my confirmation email of my season pass: If anyone wants me to post their screenshots in here, don’t hesitate... View More »

Rotation of Activities

Lake Tahoe is known for tons of things. The lake, the beaches, the snow, the mountain biking, hiking all the tourist attractions…the list goes on forever. One thing that doesn’t change is the type of “locals” that Tahoe or any mountain town for that matter. High active and high risk adrenaline junkies are the norm. If you came from any non mountain town you were likely the “cool guy” because you did all the active lifestyle things that brought you to Tahoe. Here, your just normal, if not low on this scale. I’m guilty. Here’s a guy I met a few years ago who some might consider normal. Little do many know, this guy rips on anything he stands on. He grew up surfing in Hawaii and relocated to Lake Tahoe for obvious reasons. Now he spends half the year surfing in Central America and the other half he spends snowboarding in Tahoe. This is the type of people you run into in places like this. They rotate their life and rotate their activities to keep them happy. Here you’ll see someone pull a $5,600 bike out of their $1,200 Subaru that needs a new headgasket…or a $15,000 snowmobile out of their $3,000 two wheel drive truck. Activities are the number one priority in Lake Tahoe. Dream life? I think so, perhaps I’ll join soon… Here’s a Tahoe Local, Conner Wagner rotating his activities with his location and catching a few waves on a windy day in Lake Tahoe. The smoke in the background is from the King... View More »

Insomniac’s Beyond Wonderland, Bay Area

This was my first time shooting an Insomniac event. I’ve been regularly attending their festivals and managed to get my media credentials for this, special thanks to Dan Dunn. Being backstage and in the pits at an event this large is an entirely different experience. My girlfriend and I had the pleasure of meeting our favorite SiriusXM’s hosts, a few different artists, and reconnected with several Insomniac employees we met at Burning Man. Here are a few from the weekend. San Francisco, aerial photography San Francisco San Francisco The new bay bridge San Francisco Giants stadium San Francisco aerial photography Metal Print with Black Shadow Frame Metal Print with Frame Metal Print with Hanger Metal Print Only Metal Print... View More »

The Ultimate Roller Coaster – Yak 52 Flight

Earlier this month, I had the opportunity to hop in my boss Brandon’s Yak to record a bit of footage. Tough job, right? Anyways, I think he’s preparing me for some hardcore combat stuff, because this time he took me for a 4.5G loop that almost sent me over the edge. Here is a little video for the Red Circle Foundation that you guys get to preview first.   The Ultimate Roller Coaster – Yak 52 from Nick Cahill on Vimeo.... View More »

We took a stock Rubicon through the Rubicon…

Having gone through the Rubicon Trail once prior, I somehow thought it was a wise idea to invite a friend to take HIS WIFE’S STOCK RUBICON through the second time. This time around my group was a bit more prepared. We were going in for two days and sleeping mid trail overnight. Little did we know, we were going to be doing some wheeling at night through one of the most difficult parts: The Big Sluice. Here is a little photo story of our journey. What you don’t see is the crazy amount of rock stacking that it took to get the stock Rubicon through with minimal damage. We didn’t leave a spec of paint on the trail – that’s impressive. Big thanks to my friends for spotting me and running around with my camera to capture just about all of these photos while I was drinking beer…  ... View More »

Burning Man is like nothing I’ve ever experienced

Burning Man is like nothing I’ve ever experienced. I’ve attend EDC, an annual 110k person party in Las Vegas. I’ve traveled to Belgium to rage at Tomorrowland, a 15 stage global music festival. I’ve partied in the wild streets of Bangkok, Thailand. I’ve shuffled at club Amnesia in Ibiza, Spain…. … yet still, none of these events compare to Burning Man. Burning Man is everything you want it to be and more. You create the experience. You choose which activity to join, or which art piece to interact with, or whom to mingle with. The book of activities are vast and creative to say the least, ranging from morning yoga lessons to afternoon tantric sex methodology sessions. The playa is decorated with interactive art installations – there is more art there than you can fathom! There are streets lined with endless bars less than 100 feet from each other. Your cup can always be filled, your stomach always full! No one goes thirsty nor hungry in this place. Burning Man operates on a gifting economy, which is often confused with a “bartering” system. A gift doesn’t need to be elaborate or expensive, a genuine hug can be exchanged as means of gifting gratitude. I carried a Polaroid camera and gifted instant photos to whomever I crossed paths with. Friends gifted: wine, brownies, gemstones, lavender scented potpourri bags, candy, and more. The only items that require money in this community are ice and coffee, everything else is essentially gifted and free of charge. Burning Man is 100% judgment free, The best part about Burning Man is that it’s filled with 70k like-minded people who all journey into the middle of the desert to create a city that is unlike any other. They travel from all over the world to end up in Black Rock City, Nevada and endure the harshest weather conditions the desert provides. This art “festival” isn’t something you attend to simply observe as a viewer. Everyone is encouraged to participate through their self expression, but nothing is required of course. Participation includes: wearing funky... View More »

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