Fresh Snow & Sunshine!

Today I woke up and could see that mother nature might actually want to finally switch seasons. Everyone is beginning to complain about summer and the snow while I am embracing every moment I possibly could with the winter. My summer job as a beach lifeguard starts tomorrow, so I am starting to agree with others about the weather. I got the sled out today around 1:30pm and met two really nice guys that work for Sentury Snowboards and decided to go along for a ride. Then mentioned they’d be attempting a accent to the top of the main bowl in the Mt Rose back country for some fresh lines down. Our tracks after our first run As stoked as I was just to be out in the sunshine my excitement tripled. We rode as deep as you could go, then attempted for the summit. It took me about 4 attempts to blase a trail but I finally was able to make it to the top of the ridge and ride pretty close to the top. We hiked out, took a few photos, sipped on the worlds most refreshing beer and enjoyed life as much as we all could. Today was a dream come true, when all the headaches of a snowmobile pay off! Its pretty insane seeing the photos below, the weather changed so... View More »

June 6th and deep snow at the same time

Yours truely enjoying some summer freshies. Tahoe Weather Discussion reported over a foot above 8,000 feet and a possible few inches of snow at the Lake Tahoe basin. Yesterday I woke up to a mid December day of white snow everywhere @ 6,225 ft. Two friends and I drove up to Mt Rose back country and scored a solid foot to two feet of fresh snow @ 10,776 ft. There was a few points when the sled would get stuck and the bottom of the track would be 3 feet under the top layer. This was my first time riding in powder so it was a huge learning experience. From powder turns, to learning how to roll the sled over and out of deep powder situations. Its time to carry a beacon, shovel, spare gloves/socks and emergency everything. A small bag of trail mix and two clean canteens of water just doesn’t cut it anymore. Safety first, its time to get my avalanche level 1 cert and prepare myself for Lake Tahoe’s 2011-2012... View More »

Mt Rose backcountry

A snowmobile, also known in some places as a snowmachine, or sled, is a land vehicle for winter travel on snow. Designed to be operated on snow and ice, they require no road or trail; just snow, fuel and a some basic maintenance.           Its May 16th and its still snowing in Lake Tahoe, at this rate well be riding this thing through the end of June! Trevor Jackson, pumped on... View More »

Pondella Motorsports video shoot

Pondella Motorsports hired me to shoot a video of what the truck can do, for future and current sponsors to view. They are an up and coming trophy truck race team. The truck consists of hours upon hours of hand fabricated parts. It has a full chromoly tubular frame and roll cage, both for safety and light weight. You can’t tell from the pictures or video but the truck was rolled only 3 weeks prior to me being flown down to Los Angeles. This is because of the strength that the roll cage has. The body is full fiberglass for lightweight, ease of removal and overall badass. The truck has a carbureted Chevy V8 that puts out 850 horsepower, to put this power down to the ground Pondella’s sponsor BF Goodrich supply’s them with some really knobby tires for maximum traction. I got the pleasure of jumping in the car for a ride and boy was I impressed at how fast this beast can get to 98 mph on the... View More »

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