Steve and Kathleen

Saturday October 6th 2012. I witnessed one of the most beautiful things in the world. Two families joining together and becoming one. As a wedding gift to a long time friend, I decided to take a few video clips and stitch them together,... View More »


I had the opportunity to attend the SHOT Show in Vegas for 2013. I was on assignment for my most recent client during the assignment I was able to check out lots of really cool gear by tons of companies. One of the most impacting companies was Arcteryx and they make some really really cool stuff. Like most companies that attend the SHOT show they were debuting new products for the first time. They had some really fancy backpacks that caught my eye. I was able to meet Chris, the companies head public relations guy, and he was kind enough to show me all of the great functions that their new backpack had. Below are a few photos of the backpack, along with various other products I came across during the show.... View More »

Yami’s Story

A partnership project with Mhmm for Adventure Risk Challenge and their 2013 marketing campaign. Listen and watch Yami and her daughter Miah journey through the program. Yami’s story can be seen here, the password is: yami... View More »

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