She said YES!

“Are you busy this weekend, I might need to hire you for something huge!” was the message I received a week ago. A close friend of mine Nick decided it was time to tie the knot between his girlfriend Lindsay and him. He had just about everything planned out to surprise her with the big question. Wine tasting at a few... View More »

First Milkyway 2014

The Milkyway Galaxy isn’t viewable to the human eyes from everywhere, nor is it viewable all the time in the locations it can be seen. Typically people in the Lake Tahoe area can see the milky way band in the summer. Though if you’re up to the challenge you can see it in early March right before the sun rises. A... View More »

Bonsai Rock – Printable Up To 6 Feet Wide

Bonsai rock is an iconic location in Lake Tahoe that I’ve been frequenting to photograph. I have been going to this location for a few years looking for the right timing and colors for the best photo. This day was finally one of those days that tested my patience. Tahoe was in the middle of a storm cycle that was... View More »

Peter Grubb Hut

The Sierra Club has four hidden huts in the Sierra Nevada’s. Naturally since I’m an outdoor enthusiast that likes to be in the mountains, camp, hike and everything in between – I’m drawn to such things like a hidden hut. This is the second time I had the pleasure of camping out in one of these... View More »

Oakley’s O-Lab

One of my clients Eric Davis, former SEAL sniper instructor, over at has built a great relationship with Oakley over the years of his service. We arranged a “behind the scenes” shoot of what they’ve got going on over at the “O-Lab” in the military department. We... View More »

Michelle and Otis

My older sister Michelle, and husband Otis have been together for just over 10 years now. I was lucky enough to put together a video of their wedding day and now had the pleasure of being the first to welcome their new son to the world. Here are a few photos from just an hour after birth. Had he waited another day... View More »

San Francisco from Above

After the Mavericks contest I decided to stick around the the San Francisco area a few days to do some surfing of my own and wait for the right weather. The day had finally come. The weather was predicted to have a bit of fog rolling in right as the sun was setting. This was all the right ingredients for some really... View More »


I had the opportunity to go to this years Mavericks big wave contest. My brother has been working with K38 water rescue for the past decade or so. He’s been saving lives, teaching people how to save lives and making a big difference in the big wave surfing community. Since my brother has been around this scene... View More »

Low Flow, Sacramento Fire Department

I was hired to document the lack of water that the Sacramento river is experiencing this winter. These are a few of my favorite clips snipped together. The raw footage will be used to teach firefighters how to navigate the river in boats. As you can see – there is a very specific channel that one cannot... View More »

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