Slightly Stoopid

I’ve listened to Slightly for a few years longer than any other types of music. Connecting dots between music that I grew up listening too and my work/pleasure is a very fulfilling... View More »

July 4th 2014

This year I wanted to try something a little different with my fireworks photos. I went for more of an “artsy” look. I went from in focus to out of focus during the exposure that gives the images that flower like... View More »

Patchfest 2014

Patchfest is an annual snowboarding party several miles in the backcountry. Its described as: “Do you enjoy Snowboarding on Glaciers? Camping with Strangers? Drinking in excess? If you answer yes to any of these questions then this may just be the party for you!” This was my second year in attendance and my group... View More »

The Rubicon Trail – Chuck Wagon

Together my friends and I drove through one of the most desirable and best known 4×4 trails in the world. A rare combination of difficulty, beauty, length and pure rock-crawling pleasure. Great camping next to crystal-clear lakes with stunning views. Coming from a “go-fast” background I wasn’t... View More »

The Glitch Mob

I get the pleasure of shooting all different types of music events. This time I was lucky enough to work with The Glitch Mob on the beginning on their world tour. I met their audio engineer at Coachella Music Festival this year and was able to link back up here. He’s that guy is the guy you probably never think... View More »

She said YES!

“Are you busy this weekend, I might need to hire you for something huge!” was the message I received a week ago. A close friend of mine Nick decided it was time to tie the knot between his girlfriend Lindsay and him. He had just about everything planned out to surprise her with the big question. Wine tasting at a few... View More »

First Milkyway 2014

The Milkyway Galaxy isn’t viewable to the human eyes from everywhere, nor is it viewable all the time in the locations it can be seen. Typically people in the Lake Tahoe area can see the milky way band in the summer. Though if you’re up to the challenge you can see it in early March right before the sun rises. A... View More »

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