Blood Moon – Lake Tahoe

I was asked to teach a night photography lesson and chose to do so on this years second blood moon in Lake Tahoe. I got invited to shoot with a friend, mentor and all around good guy Abe Blair. We went to a location I’ve shot at plenty of times before so I was ready to go with everything I had planned out.... View More »

Rotation of Activities

Lake Tahoe is known for tons of things. The lake, the beaches, the snow, the mountain biking, hiking all the tourist attractions…the list goes on forever. One thing that doesn’t change is the type of “locals” that Tahoe or any mountain town for that matter. High active and high risk adrenaline... View More »

Insomniac’s Beyond Wonderland, Bay Area

This was my first time shooting an Insomniac event. I’ve been regularly attending their festivals and managed to get my media credentials for this, special thanks to Dan Dunn. Being backstage and in the pits at an event this large is an entirely different experience. My girlfriend and I had the pleasure of... View More »

The Ultimate Roller Coaster – Yak 52 Flight

Earlier this month, I had the opportunity to hop in my boss Brandon’s Yak to record a bit of footage. Tough job, right? Anyways, I think he’s preparing me for some hardcore combat stuff, because this time he took me for a 4.5G loop that almost sent me over the edge. Here is a little video for the Red Circle... View More »

We took a stock Rubicon through the Rubicon…

Having gone through the Rubicon Trail once prior, I somehow thought it was a wise idea to invite a friend to take HIS WIFE’S STOCK RUBICON through the second time. This time around my group was a bit more prepared. We were going in for two days and sleeping mid trail overnight. Little did we know, we were going... View More »

The Chainsmokers

The infamous “But first…Let me take a selfie” creators open up at the new LEX nightclub in Reno Nevada. A photo journal of the sold out night. The Chainsmokers at Lex Nightclub in Reno Nevada My beautiful girlfriend and friend... View More »


Rebelution is a “new to me” group of musical artists that know how to put on a performance. I was blessed to hang out with them in the back and get to know the guys for a few minutes before the show. Then when they walked on to the stage they were amazing. The instruments were perfectly tuned and everyone was playing... View More »

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