Rotation of Activities

Rotation of Activities

Lake Tahoe is known for tons of things. The lake, the beaches, the snow, the mountain biking, hiking all the tourist attractions…the list goes on forever. One thing that doesn’t change is the type of “locals” that Tahoe or any mountain town for that matter. High active and high risk adrenaline junkies are the norm. If you came from any non mountain town you were likely the “cool guy” because you did all the active lifestyle things that brought you to Tahoe. Here, your just normal, if not low on this scale. I’m guilty.

Here’s a guy I met a few years ago who some might consider normal. Little do many know, this guy rips on anything he stands on. He grew up surfing in Hawaii and relocated to Lake Tahoe for obvious reasons. Now he spends half the year surfing in Central America and the other half he spends snowboarding in Tahoe. This is the type of people you run into in places like this. They rotate their life and rotate their activities to keep them happy. Here you’ll see someone pull a $5,600 bike out of their $1,200 Subaru that needs a new headgasket…or a $15,000 snowmobile out of their $3,000 two wheel drive truck. Activities are the number one priority in Lake Tahoe.

Dream life? I think so, perhaps I’ll join soon…

Here’s a Tahoe Local, Conner Wagner rotating his activities with his location and catching a few waves on a windy day in Lake Tahoe. The smoke in the background is from the King fire.

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