The Glitch Mob

The Glitch Mob

I get the pleasure of shooting all different types of music events. This time I was lucky enough to work with The Glitch Mob on the beginning on their world tour. I met their audio engineer at Coachella Music Festival this year and was able to link back up here.

He’s that guy is the guy you probably never think about. He’s the guy who tunes the speakers to sound right or wrong. He’s often getting heckled by people begging him if the performer(s) are going to “play one more song.” He’s the guy who get blasted with water, empty beers and flashed by under-aged girls. He’s usually the guy “behind” or “under” the fame too.

This guy is my hero, thank you to all of YOU audio engineers behind the scenes that make the performances I enjoy so much so right.

This particular guys name is Ian Hicks and he’s the guy who makes The Glitch Mob sound amazing. He re-tuned the entire sound system at the Knitting Factory in Reno and it turned out fantastic. He’s the guy who will be traveling with them around the globe making sure everyone gets the best audio experience they possibly can.

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