Oakley’s O-Lab

_C9A8275One of my clients Eric Davis, former SEAL sniper instructor, over at www.theloadoutroom.com has built a great relationship with Oakley over the years of his service.
We arranged a “behind the scenes” shoot of what they’ve got going on over at the “O-Lab” in the military department. We got the grand tour and explanation about how the lenses and technology that go into every product. I had no idea when I walked through the front doors, but you can actually shoot a pellet directly at any authentic Oakley lens at 130 feet per second and it wont shatter. As well as dropping a weight directly onto its face…

Now to take that into a real life situation, think about skiing, mountain biking or any sort of action sports situation. If a branch smacks you in the face or another skier slams into you. Then your lenses will NOT shatter into your eye. Keeping your vision safe. On the tour we also got to learn about some amazing technology they are working on…but thats not due to come out until fall. So stay tuned for when I can talk about that 😀

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