Peter Grubb Hut

_C9A9283The Sierra Club has four hidden huts in the Sierra Nevada’s. Naturally since I’m an outdoor enthusiast that likes to be in the mountains, camp, hike and everything in between – I’m drawn to such things like a hidden hut.

This is the second time I had the pleasure of camping out in one of these huts. Last year the same group of friends and I decided to go to Bradley Hut and this year we decided to make it out to the Peter Grubb hut. This hut is quite a bit larger, has a bit of an easier hike, and even had two rooms on the first floor!
We got two full days of backcountry splitboarding in. We nailed some of the most amazing corn snow without a cloud in sight. I’m blessed to be invited to such an amazing event with wonderful people. Which brings me to my next topic…
Everyone that attends a trip like this seems to be like-minded and open minded. We had 17 people in this hut. Most of which had only ever met once before at the previous hut trip… yet we all got along like we had been best friends forever. Everyone has their own coffee setups in the morning, their own packing techniques and special “doodads” – my special thing was gummy bears and a nice camera to capture the weekend. Another friend brought high quality whiskey for everyone to enjoy. Another close friend of mine brought a solar panel and a mini wireless boom box so we could play some tunes and recharge our batteries.
The overall experience when putting yourself into a potentially uncomfortable situation where you have to sleep shoulder-to-shoulder next to someone you might know close to nothing about, is very humbling. You create friendships that you might not otherwise had built. You make similar connections in a place like this, like you would backpacking around the world.
I’ll end on a quote I heard while attending a seminar with a very close lifelong friend:
“I think my best partners are the ones who are out there for the right reasons. People who are willing to turn around. People who are willing to communicate. People who are humble about going out. People who are doing it purely for their passion for doing it and there’s nothing else woven into a certain decision. You learn that very quickly about people. People who are fun. People who want to come back at the end of the day.” -Kim Havell

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  1. What a great time. Thank you for the awesome post. I look forward to hanging out with you more my friend.
    Have a great day!


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