Scripps Pier, San Diego

_C9A8312_smallI had the opportunity to visit the Oakley headquarters for a client of mine. I was able to find a few hours of free time after the shoot to enjoy the sunset and grab a few tacos. I reached out to a few photographer friends in the area and asked for some recomendations on places to watch the sunset. I was recommended to head over to La Jolla and to take a peak at the “Scripps Pier.” Its a beautiful pier and I was pleasantly surprised at how easily photogenic it looked.







What I quickly discovered was that I must have landed my feet on the sand on the right day. As the sun began to set more and more photographers started coming to this pier from every direction, it was unreal. I realized that I also don’t like taking photos when people are right next to me taking the exact same shot. I quickly snapped a few as the clock turned right then backed away and hiked up a hill to watch the remainder of the sunset. I need to remind myself when shooting such beautiful things that I need to take a few minutes away from my camera and enjoy the moment through my own eyes. A big thank you to the 25 different photographers that helped remind me to enjoy the moment and take a step back.




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