_C9A7306I had the opportunity to go to this years Mavericks big wave contest. My brother has been working with K38 water rescue for the past decade or so. He’s been saving lives, teaching people how to save lives and making a big difference in the big wave surfing community.

Since my brother has been around this scene for so long he’s got me access that NO MEDIA can get. I was able to get into the founder Jeff Clarke’s shaping room and board room where all the best big wave surfers from around the world store their “Mavericks Guns” – this was really special to me since I’m also a surfer.

I could connect on so many different levels…I was on cloud nine. I was able to see, touch and photograph some of the winning boards ridden on some of the biggest waves in the world by a handful of the best surfers in the world. Talk about a dream come true?!

This year I was able to attend camera in hand, and since no one is allowed to watch from the beach I had some of the best front row seating. I was on Jeff Clarke’s personal boat shooting from the inside channel. Where pretty much only competitors and the judges were allowed to be. The size, sound and feel of these waves are astronomical. They literally shake your bones…and if they don’t you’ve never ridden any sized wave.

Bravo to everyone involved that made for a great contest and congrats to Twiggy for winning the contest!

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