Summer sunset at 10,776 ft

My roommate Brad and I had our first day of work today, its now officially summer. The sun was out and we soaked in the rays mother nature had to offer. Brad had broken his humerus, and there’s nothing humorous about it. This resulted in him having surgery and his well practiced surgeon installed a 7 inch plate with 7 screws and 30 staples to put him back together.

Needless to say, he’s been out healing and not able to participate in very many physical activities since April 15th. Today I got him out on the snowmobile before the snow melts so he could go for a ride before next winter. We scored big time with an amazing sunset, and an ice cold Negra Modelo at the top. Here are a few photos from our amazing sunset above everything Lake Tahoe has to offer.

Brad enjoing his bottled beer

Brad Flora

My first work day consisted of something like this! Remember that the last 2 posts are in the SAME location 3 days in a row. Really stunning how fast the weather can change here in Tahoe.

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