Fresh Snow & Sunshine!

Today I woke up and could see that mother nature might actually want to finally switch seasons. Everyone is beginning to complain about summer and the snow while I am embracing every moment I possibly could with the winter. My summer job as a beach lifeguard starts tomorrow, so I am starting to agree with others about the weather. I got the sled out today around 1:30pm and met two really nice guys that work for Sentury Snowboards and decided to go along for a ride. Then mentioned they’d be attempting a accent to the top of the main bowl in the Mt Rose back country for some fresh lines down. Our tracks after our first run

As stoked as I was just to be out in the sunshine my excitement tripled. We rode as deep as you could go, then attempted for the summit. It took me about 4 attempts to blase a trail but I finally was able to make it to the top of the ridge and ride pretty close to the top. We hiked out, took a few photos, sipped on the worlds most refreshing beer and enjoyed life as much as we all could. Today was a dream come true, when all the headaches of a snowmobile pay off!

Photo of Alex Roulet

Alex Roulet- Fresh lines in June!

Edmond Wentela from Sentury Snowboards enjoyin a fresh line in June

Edmond full smiles!

Alex Roulet hiking for some pow

Its pretty insane seeing the photos below, the weather changed so much!

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