June 6th and deep snow at the same time

Yours truely enjoying some summer freshies. Tahoe Weather Discussion reported over a foot above 8,000 feet and a possible few inches of snow at the Lake Tahoe basin. Yesterday I woke up to a mid December day of white snow everywhere @ 6,225 ft. Two friends and I drove up to Mt Rose back country and scored a solid foot to two feet of fresh snow @ 10,776 ft.

There was a few points when the sled would get stuck and the bottom of the track would be 3 feet under the top layer. This was my first time riding in powder so it was a huge learning experience. From powder turns, to learning how to roll the sled over and out of deep powder situations. Its time to carry a beacon, shovel, spare gloves/socks and emergency everything. A small bag of trail mix and two clean canteens of water just doesn’t cut it anymore. Safety first, its time to get my avalanche level 1 cert and prepare myself for Lake Tahoe’s 2011-2012 season.

Trevor Jackson

Monica Koppit

Trevor Jackson dealing with the June 6th cold

Monica Koppit – Image captured by Trevor Jackson

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