Fall Sunsets and Panoramic Photos, Lake Tahoe

IC9A1085Capturing special moments in time is what pushes me to go further with my photography. I really enjoy showing people moments in time that are so beautiful you’d think they were fake. Sunsets are big moments I enjoy capturing and sharing with everyone.Sometimes I’ll go hike for an hour or more with a 50 lb backpack and not get a single “good” photo. The journey and the process and moments behind my photos are what keep me going. Here you can see what the sunset looked like after a pretty good 30 minute hike climbing over 1,500 feet vertically.



It was a steep ascent to say the least. I figured I wasn’t going to get any pretty colors and this would be a sunset to enjoy for myself rather than capture. As you can see, that changed within a few minutes. The entire sky lit up as the sun dropped behind the horizon, it was magical.

I was able to capture this photo below as a panoramic. Which is actually the combination of a few different photos compiled into one. In this case I have 6 photos essentially mushed together creating this single image. The file is so wide it can be printed up to 5 ft wide and 2.75 ft tall!

Oct 7th  Monkey Rock Pano_

East Shore Sunset Pano_I’m in the process of redoing my website and am currently taking orders for prints in any and all shapes and sizes. Feel free to contact me for any inquires either through here or through email.


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