Fall colors, Marlette Lake Aspen Grove

IC9A0892After returning from my trip around the world I still have the itch to travel. Luckily Lake Tahoe is in full swing with the seasons changing. The fall is a perfect time for mountain biking, hiking sunsets and of course the beautiful aspen trees changing. I was lucky enough to hike up to Marlette Lake right in the middle of it all happening. Here are a few photos from an unnamed (or at least unknown to me) aspen grove and a few more from Marlette Lake. The 9 mile round trip hike was worth every second. If you ever have the chance, I highly recommend it.

This photo below is part of a series I’ll be calling “Looking Up” which will host a variety of nature based photos from a viewpoint we all share while almost never seeing. Our own two feet looking straight up.

Aspens on the hill: As you crest over the last incline on the hike from Spooner Lake up, you are blessed with views of Marlette that you didn’t know existed. The aspen grove is one of the largest I’ve seen in the Tahoe area, and lucky for me – I caught it perfect timing 😀   

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