Maui, Hawaii

IMG_3670On our way home from our world trip we figured “Why not” when it came to pit stopping in Maui for a week. Luckily I have family that was willing to put us up, point us in the right direction and let us borrow some supplies that we didn’t have. Our first night in Maui we got to see another amazing sunset.

Our first full day in Maui we went to Iao Valley State Park. We hiked much further than the paved path took us…which got us away from tourists and into more of place that felt like we had been used to… Thailand. We came across loads of different plants and trees, luckily with MUCH less bugs than we had been dealing with in Thailand. We even came across a guava forest and were lucky enough to find a ripe one! Mmmm that was good.

The following day we packed up our rental car with camping supplies and headed out to Hana. Its a 3-4 hour drive through some of the most beautiful scenery one can ever drive through in a few hours.

Before we knew it, we were pulling into Waianapanapa State Park for an afternoon lunch break. The views are fantastic and the water is warm! These next few photos are from a “restricted” section. We had heard that even though its “closed” we should climb around/under/over the fence and check it out…so naturally we did.

We were blessed with the most magnificent natural infinity pool one could ever see. Well worth the risk…since we didn’t fall off the other side. The drop was easily 200-250 ft down. You can see Jessica sitting comfortably on the edge. Looks like all this adventure stuff we’ve been up to in Thailand has got her more comfortable with the edge.

After exploring around the area a bit we continued our hike up the mountain. We were blessed with another beautiful variety of plants, wildflowers and ferns before making our way into the bamboo forest.

Before we knew it, we were at the top of the hike and the base of an enormous waterfall. As we walked up to the base of the waterfall I had flashbacks of earlier in the summer when we were in Yosemite National Park. Since the the waterfall wasn’t flowing very much I was able to walk all the way up to the base and take a natural shower at the base of this huge wall. Can you say you’ve had a 400ft shower?

As we made our way down the hill and into the night. We had our first American steak. It had been marinating for 10 hours and ready to hit the grill. Can you imagine not having this type of meat for 2 months and finally being able to? We were stoked! After dinner Jessica decided to take out her hula hoop again as I was star gazing at the Milky Way. Needless to say, it brought everyone who was camping together and we ended up playing music and dancing the night away… These are some of the patterns her hoop does.

The next morning we slept in a bit and made our way to the famous Seven Sacred Pools. These are the infinity pools most people come to see. Its about a 10 min walk from the parking lot and tends to be full of tourists, so we didn’t stay long and made our way over to Kaanapali area where my cousin lived and was hosting us for a few days.

The next day we spent our time on the beach. We did some surfing, scuba diving and relaxing in the sun. This was one of the first times we felt like we were on “vacation” rather than traveling. When you travel you really get into this mode that you have to go do everything…Which I highly recommend doing – though you just tend not have little to no time actually relaxing. We enjoyed our day so much we didn’t document it to heavily.

That evening we got a chance to put ourselves into the locals shoes. My cousin and his girlfriend invited a few of his friends out to the beach for a sunset + beers + BBQ night. We had a grand ol time. We couldn’t have asked to be with better people.

After our few days on the north west side of the island we headed back to Kihei to spend our last two days with my Aunt, Uncle and her daughter Kelsie. Who took us out with all her friends for some drinks and another beautiful bamboo forest hike to some secluded “locals only” water hole where we cliff jumped and relaxed for the afternoon.

Now we are home and getting back into the grove of “real life” while reminiscing over our travels. I shot a ton of video so over the next few months between work and our fun up in Lake Tahoe we will compile all the clips into a video…or more like a movie. We will get a little video teaser up in the next week or two so stay tuned for a whole overview of our trip. Thank you all for checking in and sharing our stories, we cant wait to share the experiences with you soon.

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