Guraidhoo, Maldives

Guraidhoo, Maldives

Maldives is an island nation in the Indian Ocean made up of over 2,000 small islands clustered together in circular shapes called atolls, surrounded by reef. The only way from the main airport on Male to any other islands is by boat or sea plane. Lucky for us we were able to get an all inclusive deal with Surf In Maldives which included our ride to the Guraidhoo island. An alternative method of transportation other than a ferry is a speed boat, which runs you $180 for a “quick” 1-hour ride to your destination. Prices vary depending on distance. Here is Rob and some locals. The locals were going to take a speedboat to the nearby island to camp for the night. A typical street on a non-resort island

Here are a few photos of boats in the harbor on the little island of Guraidhoo, which is home to only 1,200 people. More sunset photos from our roof top terrace. Activities of our surf camp included two boat transfers per day to your desired location to enjoy snorkeling, scuba diving, and of course surfing. Rob and I were excited to catch some waves, so we took advantage of the short paddle from the boat.

Our guide for the trip had a great telephoto lens that he was nice enough to let me use. It allowed me to capture much closer photos than the wide angle lens I have been carrying. We were unaware that the islands are mostly Islamic influenced which meant that we were unable to drink alcohol, and Jessica couldn’t wear her bikini’s on the local beaches. Because of this I treated Jessica to a fancy five star resort day on a nearby private island where she was able to wear her bikini and soak up the sun with a drink in hand.

The following day we took one of our boat transfers to another private island and the sea was a bit rough. The boat was rocking crazy and we had several boat issues this day including two boats with basically broken motors while in heavy monsoon rain. Here we are making the best of the day cheesing out. The calm before the storm…

One of our final days we got some solid snorkeling in. Rob’s waterproof camera came in handy once again as we swam with many different species of fish, clams and sea slugs. We enjoyed our time in the Maldives. We met some great people, however we are on our final leg of our journey and heading home soon. Next stop… Maui, Hawaii.

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