Pondella Motorsports video shoot

Pondella Motorsport1Pondella Motorsports hired me to shoot a video of what the truck can do, for future and current sponsors to view. They are an up and coming trophy truck race team. The truck consists of hours upon hours of hand fabricated parts. It has a full chromoly tubular frame and roll cage, both for safety and light weight.

You can’t tell from the pictures or video but the truck was rolled only 3 weeks prior to me being flown down to Los Angeles. This is because of the strength that the roll cage has. The body is full fiberglass for lightweight, ease of removal and overall badass. The truck has a carbureted Chevy V8 that puts out 850 horsepower, to put this power down to the ground Pondella’s sponsor BF Goodrich supply’s them with some really knobby tires for maximum traction. I got the pleasure of jumping in the car for a ride and boy was I impressed at how fast this beast can get to 98 mph on the dirt!

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