Ao Nang, Thailand

IMG_2282 Ao Nang Thailand is a small little beach town that is significantly more laid back than any of the other towns we have been in thus far in Thailand. We came to Ao Nang as per a recommendation from Rob’s friend who lives close by.Here you can see a nice little old street and the amazing limestone mountains that Thailand is known for.





We got ourselves into a good feeding frenzy while we were in this town. This is a menu and some food that you might encounter if you were to walk into any of the street restaurants. Like most of Thailand, the food here is amazing and the prices are really good. Ao Nang’s beach on low tide.

We came to Ao Nang specifically to get our scuba diving certification in preparation for our upcoming week in the Maldives. Our first day took place in a pool. We had to setup all the gear and practice some underwater skills: removing the mask, losing your air line… basically all the “bad” things that could happen 60 feet below the surface.

We passed our Day 1 scuba lesson and were ready for our second day of certification and boat ride out to sea. We were lucky enough to have picked the only shop in town that had their own speed boat, and it still took us 35 minutes to get to our dive spot. Other companies went out on small boats, and even some on the standard long-tail boats Thailand is famous for.

We passed so many different islands on our way out. We were all excited, our instructor, Magnus is all smiles as you can see from this photo. We were ready to explore the life below water. We made it to our dive site and it was time to take our last deep breath of fresh air and hop in. Below is a photo of two other people who already had their certifications and were just going on “fun” dives. Hand signals are necessary for communicating under water. Thumbs up = time to go up, Okay signal = I’m doing great. Luckily we never had to use the “out of air” signal, other than for practicing.

One of the many schools of fish that swam around us. Rob and Jessica at our 3rd dive spot on Kho Phi Phi. If you don’t know, this is where the movie The Beach was that should give you an idea of the beauty of this place. After our last few bits of skill testing we got to go on a really nice and beautiful dive. There was less sand mixed up so we had much better visibility underwater. During this dive our instructor pointed out a bunch of new fish and sea life.

During some of my skills practice, Rob and Jessica found this beautiful poisonous water snake. Though poisonous, it won’t waste it’s time biting a human because it knows that it doesn’t have enough venom to take us out.

A venomous Lion fish. Our underwater camera man: Rob – He took almost every underwater photo. Put your hands together for a good guy.

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