Kho Kardon, Thailand

DCIM100GOPRO After much desire to get to the islands of this beautiful country we finally made it to the southern coast of Thailand. We hopped onto a long-tail boat as quickly as possible and made our way out to the desolate island of Kho Kardon. Here you can see Rob getting some sun on the front of our boat with our bags. Photo courtesy of the ever so convenient GoPro.





This was the first island we passed. This had us really excited to lay out on some sand and enjoy the sun. As we made our way closer to the island, we passed a few really cool looking fishing boats. Jessica and I as we were approaching the island we were staying on. The water was crystal clear and the temperature was fantastically warm. Here is the long tail boat we traveled with, named One Love. In the background you can see it raining on some of the other islands, but we were in full sun! Decorations on our bungalow were made up of all different shells and broken corals that had floated onto shore.

Finally… we can relax in our beach front bungalow for a few days. Our view just 10 steps from our front door is like nothing we had ever seen. We were in paradise. A snorkeling trip randomly stopped on our island and took the view in for an hour. We walked over to the main resort for a big lunch, fruit shakes, and some relaxation. I opted for something I have been missing for a while now… a BBQ  bacon burger with fries 😀 Jessica got the honey mustard chicken. I scored the best strawberry shake of my life…actually over the two days we spent on this island I had 4 of these bad boys. Way too good.

We walked around the Seven Seas after our meal to checkout the high life. Here’s what a 5 star resort gets you in Thailand. THEN… we made it back to our spot… mosquito nets inside bamboo everything without a single sealed crack. The room only came with one large misquito net but thankfully, Jessica’s best friend – Savren, bought her a misquito net that we were able to share with Rob. The second day we went on a hike to the other side of the island. Through the jungle… Some really interesting berry type plants. We didn’t eat them.

Then out of no where – more tropical paradise and of course with no one else around. We spent hours collecting shells, playing in the surf and watching the sunset. Lots and lots of amazing shells, corals and critters on this beach that you would never find in the San Francisco area. Next day, we caught a long tail boat back to the mainland and 45 minutes later we were on shore. Two short days on that island wasn’t enough. One could easily spend a lifetime there… like the owner of the bungalows we stayed at. He told us his journey and how he’s spent the last 13 years on that very island… not a bad place to retire.

These long tail boats are very different than anything in the states. They have car engines basically bolted onto the boat with a propeller bolted to the end that would move the car… Being the car guy that I am – I’m always interested in how they have it all setup. Sometimes its a turbo diesel 4 cylinder motor, sometimes its a little Honda lawn mower engine… This was our captain for the day with his turbo diesel Isuzu motor. We have been reading lots of books on this trip. I recently finished the 4 I brought with me, so I picked up this book at our last airport in Chiang Mai and haven’t been able to put it down! The 4 – Hour Work Week, by Timothy Ferriss. If you haven’t read it, or want to live that life 😀 I would go out ASAP and buy it.

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