Bangkok, Thailand

IMG_1436 The moment we landed in Thailand we went to the currency exchange booth and turned in our Euro for some Thai Baht. The exchange rates were finally in our favor and we were about to start living like kings for pennies.






A friend of mine, Rob who’s been traveling Thailand for over a month now, met us at the airport and started our journey through the streets of Bangkok. Last summer Rob, my brother, and I spent 3 weeks together traveling and surfing in Nicaragua so it was really nice to reconnect.

Here is Rob and Jeff at our first meal together, we spent approximately $10 in total for us to feast on some traditional Thai food: Pad Thai, Kao Tom Gai, Tom Yum Gai. As you walk the streets of Bangkok you have tons and tons of little shops like this to purchase all sorts of things. Street vendors are everywhere and they are willing to negotiate and bargain their prices. Thai massages are cheap, and everywhere too! 30 – 45 minute massages cost about $3. After traveling for almost nearly a month with heavy backpacks, we all treated ourselves to a couple massages.

Here we are walking down a crowded alley way with vendors, bars, restaurants, beauty shops, custom suit stores, and massage parlors. We were shocked that this motor bike was able to make its way through the street. We hopped onto a long-tail boat and got a tour through some of the canals and the main river. A 1 hour tour was less than $5 a person. As you can see, many Thai families don’t live the “lavish” life many Americans do. Seeing poverty like this really puts a perspective on my personal life and how I can sometimes take for granted how lucky I am to be an American and live in such a beautiful place. 

The crazy thing about these boats is that they use car motors, with a car transmission, and basically bolt a big ol’ drive shaft to the back of it with a propeller. The prop can be lifted, pushed, and pulled out of the water at ease of the driver. These motors are turbo diesel…meaning they haul major ass.

The food is great and there is a variety of options in each restaurant. Good thing we do a ton of walking everyday!

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