Paris, France

IMG_1291 After Belgium and before we hopped on two 7 hours flights to South East Asia we had a short but very sweet visit to Paris, France. Jessica was excited to meet up with an old friend, a co-worker from her previous job – Maud, who lives in Paris.

Our meeting spot: “Under the most center point of the Eiffel Tower,” said Maud via FaceBook to Jessica. At night the Eiffel Tower puts on a light show and the tower glimmers like the stars in Lake Tahoe. It was beautiful. Of course since we were at one of the most romantic locations in the world, Jessica and I got a little romantic…

Jeff loved the Eiffel Tower so much, that he ended up purchasing 10 key chain trinkets to give away, (sorry if I ruined the surprise Jeff). It seemed like no time had passed since Jessica and Maud last saw each other. They were giggling like teenagers and reminiscing about their old jobs. They had ALOT to catch up on, especially since Maud just got married and both ladies had changes in their careers. Maud took us around via subway. It was really nice to have a local take us around again. Skipping the whole “how do we do this” step is a nice treat. Though, Paris has a terrific subway system that is super quick and easy to use.

Paris is a very diverse city, similar to San Francisco, so we felt right at home with the diversity. Our second stop: The Notre Dame, which opened in 1335…this thing is pretty old. We never saw the Hunchback of Notre Dame… After a bit of people watching here we walked over to a local pub and treated ourselves to a beer and grilled cheese like sandwiches. Perfect midnight snack to hold us over for a few hours until our flight to Thailand the next morning. Adieu Maud and Paris!


  1. You guys look like you are having such an amazing adventure! I’m LOVING your pictures, commentary/posts
    and reliving the memories that I made (a million years ago) as I traveled through the same destinations!

    • Awww I’m glad I could provide some good flashbacks. Hope you don’t remember that ping pong show you attended in Bangkok though…

  2. Nicholas – Notre Dame was just a few blocks from where I lived in Paris. I always used it as a stopping point wherever I was in Paris!

    • Its an amazing place, I could spend a lifetime in Paris.


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