Brussels, Belgium

IMG_1131In college I met a girl, Sonia, who was from Brussels. During my last semester I connected with her letting her know about my plans for the summer and seeing if she wanted to join. Long story short, we were able to connect in Belgium and she put us up in her home for two nights. It was really really lovely being in a home rather than a hostel or hotel, like we have been our entire trip. Cooking in a kitchen is something we probably all take for granted…so we decided to take advantage of it here in Belgium.




We hopped on the public transportation and spend part of the day in the city. Their schedule seems to be the easiest to understand.

International newspapers and magazines are always something I keep an eye out for. To celebrate Belgium and it’s first 50 years of independence, this was built. We laid out on the lawn for quite some time and took in the architecture and beauty of these buildings.

Then we made our way into the city center where we found all the tourists ­čśÇ I don’t know why…but this little guy is a really famous statue,┬áManneken Pis, which is simply translated as “Little Man Pee.”┬á We found bottle openers, shirts, cups, mugs…just about anything you can think of with this little dude peeing on it.

Then we of course got Belgium Waffles. The photo screams how amazing this was. In the evening we had to stop at a bar…The famous┬áDelirium cafe. They have 2,500 DIFFERENT beers here. I was in heaven.

Believe it or not, this purple beer tasted like a wine cooler. Something similar to a Mikes Hard Lemonade..only it was 9.5% alcohol and it was brewed with Cherries. The beers were actually reasonably priced too. We got 4 different beers for 12 Euro.

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