Cinque Terre, Italy

IMG_0990We didn’t get much sleep in Venice due to the super fun street party we stumbled home from at 3 am. So we took turns getting some shut eye on our train ride to Cinque Terre, which is knows as “The Five Lands.” Its a series of 5 beach-like towns that reside on the Italian Riviera.





Jeff was so tired…that he decided to try the floor for a bit. I decided not to sleep to make sure we didn’t miss our stops for transfers. We were lucky enough to meet up with some friends from home. This is our good friend Danielle. She is doing a full time nanny job an hour away from Cinque Terre, and was able to take the day off to enjoy some fun in the sun with us. Hope we made it worth while DiDi!

This is one of Jeff’s iPhone photos. He sure has learned to become quite the #iPhonePhotographer! Jessica got some much needed girl time with Danielle. The water was fantastically refreshing, so they enjoyed themselves knee deep most of the day. This is my friend Sean from home. He is in the US Army, stationed about 3 hours driving distance from Cinque Terre. We were able to all connect in this wonderful place. Then together we did a bit of cliff jumping. We hopped onto the train and headed back to the first of five towns, Riomaggiore, which is where our hostel was at. We made some amazing lunch and drank bottles of Prosecco, which is an Italian sparkling wine.

This combination of goodies tasted better than anything we could have ordered in the local restaurants, and you couldn’t beat the cheap prices of the ingredients: pesto, mozzarella cheese, salty salami and fresh tomatoes created the ultimate combination. We could eat this forever. We admired the view from our hostel balcony and all agreed that we could easily spend the rest of our lives here. But with all great views comes great strides to get there. Our hostel was the highest on the mountain side and required us to walk approximately 310 steep steps. All the pain in our legs was worth it in the end.

It felt like too soon we had to say goodbye to our beloved friend Danielle. We had such an amazing day, lets do it again soon! To cure our sadness of our friend’s departure, we drank ourselves back to happiness and visited the Margarita bar in Monterosso. We enjoyed appetizers that consisted of chips, salsa, fries, olives, and pickled onions. As night crept up, we were able to watch the sun drop below the horizon and disappear in the Mediterranean Sea. The moon had a calming glow that sparkled in the salty sea water.

For dinner we did the always amazing salami pizza. I’m pretty sure one of us has eaten pizza at least once a day, and somehow it never gets old to us. Ciao Cinque Terra and Italy… we are off to Amsterdam now and look forward to the lively nightlife of the city.


Guest Photos from my friend Sean Allen:

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  1. Great photos Nicholas! I am enjoying your commentary. I especially love the photos in Amsterdam..especially the Riijksmuseum. I loved the van Goghs that I had viewed only in books. It brought back GREAT memories!


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