Venice, Italy

IMG_0133 Venice is made up of 118 islands separated by canals and linked together with foot bridges. This amazing city is renown for its beauty; it was obvious from the moment we stepped out of the Venice train station. Here are a few of our favorite canals we stumbled upon.





The city has a major canal that runs through it, known as the Grand Canal. This is where you can hop onto a gondola and have an Italian man give you a tour of the city from a different perspective. We went by the largest markets in the city. The local markets in the city are killer! You can pickup some of the freshest ingredients you’ll ever get your hands on. Tomatoes are vibrant red, strawberries are sweet smelling, and the fish are stinky. We didn’t enjoy the scent of fish too much, but the rest of the market produce was great.

We went out to dinner, again. The sun started to set and the night was right around the corner, literally.

After casually wandering around the alley ways and streets with a few beers in our system, we made the right turn – and came upon this once a year local gathering. It was the neighborhood annual block party. We fit right in – got some more drinks, and listened to the live music. Before we knew it, Jessica was hula hooping and attracting even more cool people to us. No one had ever seen such a futuristic hoop before.

Jessica even met a fellow hoop-dancer and they immediately bonded. Her name is Chaira and she is attending school in Venice, studying Japanese in hopes to one day be a copyrighter for that region. She speaks many languages and was able to help fend off some of the drunk girls who were hassling Jessica to use her hoop. She was so happy to meet us, that she ran home (which was over a mile), to get her own hoop and hangout!

When the block party died down around midnight, Chaira offered to take us to the college area where drinks were cheap and the night life was still young. After shots of Fireball, we made our way to the plaza where the girls hooped until the batteries died.

We thoroughly enjoyed our time spent in Venice.


  1. Hey guys! This is Thiara. The “hula-hooping girl” you met in Venice. I was looking forward to hear from you all ever since. That was a wonderful night I cherish, thanks huys! Thanks Jessica!
    I hope the rest of your trip was awesome!

    • Our trip is still going! Be sure to check the website for more updates along our travels. We enjoyed meeting you very much, your a wonderful person!

  2. Nicholas , Venice was the only city where I was crying when I left. Your photos are wonderful!!! Tell Jessica that bringing the hulahoop was a GREAT idea! xox Auntie :


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