Florence, Italy

IMG_9991The view out of our hostel window in Florence was a delightful surprise. Jess was tired and took a nap, while Jeff and I played some drinking games with the remainder of our limoncello.






We visited the Duomo. Nick found an old street market he was looking for and replaced his lost wallet that he purchased from this same place 6 years ago. We visited the famous Ponte Vecchio. This bridge will always amaze me.

During the night we did something that didn’t cost money. Jessica took out her LED hula hoop and we blasted some of our favorite tunes on her portable speaker. I dropped my hat on the ground and next thing you know, people were tipping her. She got enough to cover her train ride to Pisa the next day!

I took Jeff and Jessica out to the BEST restaurant I have ever eaten at. The Open Bar. We did it big. Three course meal, vino, the works. Ill remember this dinner forever. Here are a few more photos from another dinner. The food is killer in Florence so we HAD to splurge. What better way to enjoy an evening with some of the best desserts in the world.

Artys photos.

Locks of love.

If you look closely, one of the pieces on the facade is giving everyone the middle finger when they walk into the cathedral in Florence..Now we are in Venice using a bit of free wifi to post this for our family and friends..though we must continue exploring. Ciao!


  1. Great pictures. We were over there last Oct/Nov for a month and had a great time. Went all the places you have been so far and your pics sure bring back wonderful memories. Keep sending them! Have a wonderful journey.

    Suzanne Koch Gleason (Jeff’s grandmother)

  2. Love the pics and blog

    • Thanks for checking it out, keep checking back for more photos!


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