Rome, Italy

IMG_9626We started off our tourist day at one of the most historical places in Rome, the Colosseum.






After hanging around in the heat for a while we decided to walk down the street to the ancient ruins. We saw some street “performers” along the way. These guys caught my attention…that’s one strong guy eh? ๐Ÿ˜‰

We saw the Tiber river, the third-longest river in Italy. Believe it or not, this used to be a major resource for food in the old days where fishing was a big business. After these sights we went to the worlds smallest country, both in size and population, Vatican City. ย The line was crazy long to go inside, and since we are on a pretty tight schedule we opted out of the 3-hour line to continue sight seeing.

Since the SF Giants made history the day we were in Rome with another on-the-road-no-hitter, @true_sfgiants_fan rocked the gear with pride! He even got a few shout outs ๐Ÿ˜‰

While walking to our next destination, we saw lots of great Italian style streets, boats and cars. Walking in Rome really is the best way to get the feel for the city.

We stumbled upon some really cool street fairs and markets that had some of the best produce we had ever seen. Jeff tasted some delicious pesto spread and almost purchased the tiny jar for 10 euro.

I almost regret tasting it because it was so amazing.

“Now I know the pesto at home is TERRIBLE” – Jeff

We went to The Pantheon too.

Eventually we arrived at our next destination, The Trevi Fountain. Immediately after Jessica made her wish and threw her euro into the fountain water, a strange old man crept up beside us and quickly snagged coins from the fountain. We couldn’t believe that we had just witnessed someone stealing hopes and wishes from this magical place. It clearly wasn’t his first time committing this act. He had a special magnetic wand that he shoved into the water and would slyly fish out coins from under the tourists noses. It irritated all of us to see this act of crime – and left a distasteful impression in Jessica’s mind… she then wished that he would trip and twist his ankle the next time he went fishing for dreams.

On our way back to the Sheraton Roma hotel, we came across an all too familiar sign “Free Tasting.” Naturally, we took this invitation and enjoyed shots of tasty Limoncello and Peach-Chello, along with fine cheeses dipped in balsamic cream.

Limoncello is a liquor made with the skin of a lemon, typically made on the southern coast of Italy. They have lemons there the size of women D1 softballs. They are probably 3-4 times larger than your standard lemon found in San Francisco. We stumbled our way out of the store with a large bottle of Limoncello in hand and our heads filled with lemony shots.

Off to Florence today!

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  1. Arrived home last evening and just wnaetd to drop you a quick line to tell you how satisfied we were with your company’s services. The whole Family enjoyed time spent in Rome, on the road to Sorrento, and the Tour in Pompeii. Everyone wished that he was available on the day for the Vatican Tour. Our guide’s knowledge of ancient Rome was amazing, the boys enjoyed his knowledge, humor and everyone had a great time. He was very courteous to me and the issues of my handicap, he made an extra special effort to have the car brought around to assist me. The car was great and comfortable, making the ride to Sorrento enjoyable. I only wish I had looked into including your services for transfer from Venice to Rome, and then from Naples to Rome on the day we left (instead of flying from Naples to Rome).I will use you as a referral should I have the opportunity with any friends traveling to ItalyThanks again (Grazie’)Andy Gagliardi


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