Barcelona & Ibiza, Spain.

IMG_4643Our 2nd and 3rd stop – Barcelona & the party island Ibiza.











Here is Jeff in front of the capital of Barcelona. Here are a few photos of our hostel in Barcelona, and the view from the window terrace.

Unfortunately with our tight schedule we didn’t have much time. We have been major jet-setters and have been on a plane everyday of our trip.

After Barcelona we flew to Ibiza, which is known to be the party capital of the world. We were in for tons of fun and no sleep for the next 48 hours. Flying in we saw the crystal blue water, it really is a paradise!

We flew in early morning, and that night went to a major club called Amnesia to see some of our favorite DJs. Above and Beyond, Arty, Nicky Romero and Calvin Harris. We were able to see them for $60 USD – Which is the US a single ticket to just ONE of their shows goes for easily $60-150 for a single DJ. We were in for some amazing times. The club scene in Ibiza is like a big music festival. Top name DJ here, top name DJ there, top name DJ owns this club, owns that club etc etc. We were in heaven!

Amazing article about Daft Punk in this guy.

The “Disco bus” is a basically an all night taxi for us to ride to and from each club. They play EDM music in their and everyone is super happy 😀 After our night of clubbing, we watched the sunrise:

We got some amazing food.

We locked our bags up in the hostel and proceeded to the beach. We enjoyed an entire day on the beach, drinking beers and enjoying some amazing food. We napped, played music and swam in the salty water, paradise! Jessica got an ultra fresh coconut. The guy cracked it with a hammer right in front of her! Talk about hydration.

Jessica’s sea of green. The tomatoes were incredibly fresh. Jessica and I in the water on our private beach. Thanks Jeff for the sneaky photo!

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