#EBJsDoEurope day 1 and…2

DCIM100GOPROOur first stop… Paddington Train Station, London.







As we walkied through the city we eventually made it to The London Eye with Big Ben in the distance…. EBJ’s do Big Ben. Jessica swears she saw Peter Pan fly by the clock once the sun went down… not sure if I believe her so much. Later I caught Jessica catching up on American news while in London… Then we saw some statues in Hyde Park…

Enjoying the water stream at Hyde Park in London. They had rushing waterfalls that children would run up and down stream through… as a Lifeguard I was a little concerned at times for their safety, but luckily there was grip lining in the cement to help prevent serious injuries.

On our way back to Heathrow Airport. Jeff, Jessica and I saw a random guy on the tube with a music festival wristband in a suit. Clearly this guy kept his wristband on for a reason…so we sparked a conversation. Long story short, we instantly became friends, had a few beers at his house and exchanged information. Though, later we would pay for this partying…and not all of us could stay awake on the flight to Barcelona. The night earlier we ended up partying in London until 1 am at our new friends place, and ended up passing out in the Heathrow Airport on makeshift beds constructed from the airport bench seats and the linoleum tiled floor. So Jeff and JP ended up crashing on our early 7 AM flight with feather-down pillows and face masks.

Time to board our British Airways flight to Barcelona to complete our one-way flight from SFO -> BARCELONA, (minus the 17 hour lay over in London). Now were in Barcelona and fly out in the morning for a party capital of the world. Ibiza, Spain 😀

Until next time..


Nick, Jessica and Jeff.


  1. LOVE the blog thus far! Kinda feel like I’m there with you guys! Can’t wait to see and hear more!! Take care EBJs! XOXO

    • We wish you were here too. Glad you could feel the love 😀


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