I Earned The Cover of National Geographic!

I Earned The Cover of National Geographic!

My  milkyway photo “Dark Needle” is now published on the cover for National Geographic for their special issue titled “Guide To The Night Sky

National Geographic _ Guide To The Night Sky

Like most of my images, it can be a dye infused aluminum print hanging on your wall. It can be purchased and shipped to your home here. If you’re looking to flip through the magazine that can be purchased directly through  National Geographic.

A big thank you to everyone who’s been supporting me early on. You can follow me more closely on my Instagram @NicholasCahill

Do what you love and the rest will follow.


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  1. a truly amazing photo … puts things in a different perspective.



  1. Milky Way over Meadow Lake – near Truckee, CA - […] recently photographed a wedding where the minister was also a photographer – Nick Cahill – who just so happens…

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