Sea To Summit – A Different Perspective

Sea To Summit – A Different Perspective

Sea To Summit products are designed and known to keep your items dry in wet places – Adventure locations like a river, rainy trail, boating or backpacking in a tropical rainforest. I decided to give the Sea To Summit Hydraulic Dry Pack a go in a different realm of the world that one might not normally think to use a dry bag. In a dusty and very dry location.

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The goal was to keep my camera gear dust free during a photography tour. I took the bag out to Antelope Canyon in AZ. If you’ve never been, this is a very sandy and dry location with lots of tourists. My first impressions when putting the pack on were very good.

To give you a big of background on myself – I’m a ‘backpackaholic.’ I have a pack for every activity. Rather than unpacking and repacking, I just pickup whichever pack aligns with whatever activity and I’m ready to go in a matter of seconds vs minutes.

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Adjustability, ease of use, and comfort are all the most important factors for me. Other than a North Face Basecamp Duffle, this was my first enjoyable experience wearing a pack without any frame, support, or padding directly against my back. The fully adjustable shoulder straps are easy to use and built comfortably. As an added bonus, in the hot weather, the EVA foam air mesh designed to dry river water dried my sweat off equality as fast.
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Thewaste belt adjusts perfectly and every 7075 aluminum buckle on this pack is wonderfully overbuilt, easy to adjust, strong and most importantly, not going to break in the middle of an adventure. This pack has some serious durability and kept my camera gear dust free in the middle of several dust storms. Keeping my expensive equipment dust-free allowed me to capture some of the most beautiful colors Antelope Canyon has to offer.

Overall, this pack is perfectly suited for use on the river, ocean, or the sandy desert. With its outstanding performance, comfort, and protection from the elements, I give it a big two thumbs up.
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